4/8/2012 Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday we took a chill pill and just relaxed around the house after running around for most of the day yesterday. We sat outside on our teeny deck and drank wonderful mint juleps, and thoroughly enjoyed this cooler weather. We decided to let the cats hang out for a while as well.

I am still relatively new to bourbon, Basil Hayden seems to be my favorite.

Maggie was carried downstairs, to enjoy the nice weather, but her brothers made her mad so she just wanted to go back upstairs to get away from them.

Rocky and I don’t think that it is a good idea for Skippy to be sticking his head though the slats of the railing.

Best Friends 🙂

Rocky looking gorgeous as usual.

Skippy Earle enjoying his day.


4/4/2012 Ode to Rocky Lu on his 4th Birthday

I dedicate this whole post to my middle child, Rockford Saint Luis Valentino (Rocky Lu). Today is his 4th birthday. I know it might be weird to post a a letter to a cat, but this is my blog, so I think it’s perfectly fine.

Dear Rocky,
What a blessing these last years have been with you. When we got you from the Tampa Bay 911 cat rescue, you weren’t interested in us at all, you were playing with the 30+ other cats that were at the shelter. The woman that had you warned us that you were incredibly playful. That was an understatement, I have never seen a busier animal in my life. You were my very first kitten, and I was ill prepared for the energy level of a kitten, especially one like you. You were supposed to be a Maine Coon, but you aren’t. As a kitten you looked like a skinny squirrel, very awkward, and not especially cute, and not especially friendly. All you wanted to do was play, play, climb, and play more. I only saw you sleep once in a year I think. You climbed my curtains, you climbed our outside screen enclosure we had in Florida. You were brave and fearless, and loved your older sister Maggie Mae more than anything else in the whole world. She did not feel the same, and after all this time she still isn’t fond of you, but will tolerate you to some degree. You love other animals and most people, you are truly a wonderful spirit.

These are pictures of your first couple of days at our house, you were four and a half months old.


As you grew you became such a brave climber, even though sometimes you couldn’t get down.


We love to dress you up, but you cannot stand it, Christmas Elf, poor kid you look like this is your mugshot. You really hate the cowboy hat and scarf, but you are so cute!


When you were almost two, we made all of our dreams come true by getting you a baby brother, your baby Skippy Earle. You are the best big brother to him that I could ever imagine. You were so good to him the minute you met him. You shared your toys, you played with him, you groomed and you always looked out for him. You still do, you really have the sweetest soul another reason why we love you so much.



Eventually you grew into such a beautiful cat, you have become the glue and the center of our family and we love you so much, we only hope you know how much you are loved.





Happy 4th Birthday! and many more.