Cancun Day 3

Today was a busy day, I did my first of 3 spa treatments. I got a hot stone massage. I have never had one before and didn’t really know what to expect because all of the pictures I see in the brochures just have some lady with a bunch of rocks on her back. Did I mention that I have quite a sunburn on my right side? Yeah. 37 years in the state of Florida and I never used sunscreen ( I never said I was smart) I slathered 30 SPF all over my face and body twice yesterday and um yeah still burned. So I was concerned about a HOT stone massage with 1/2 of my body resembling bacon. Thankfully my massage therapist understood, and put something on my burn spots that made me feel much better and the massage didn’t hurt. When I returned to the room Chad was ready to venture out and about on the property. We ate dinner at the LeBlanc’s Asian restaurant and wow, it was great 🙂 I tried a whole bunch of new stuff, and was glad I did.
On a really happy note I got pictures from our AWESOME cat sitter I was thrilled to see that Maggie Sunshine was out and about and not hiding from her brothers. She is such a gorgeous cat. Looking good at 15 if I say so myself.


In other news, it was rainy in Cancun. But still beautiful.








4/8/2012 Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday we took a chill pill and just relaxed around the house after running around for most of the day yesterday. We sat outside on our teeny deck and drank wonderful mint juleps, and thoroughly enjoyed this cooler weather. We decided to let the cats hang out for a while as well.

I am still relatively new to bourbon, Basil Hayden seems to be my favorite.

Maggie was carried downstairs, to enjoy the nice weather, but her brothers made her mad so she just wanted to go back upstairs to get away from them.

Rocky and I don’t think that it is a good idea for Skippy to be sticking his head though the slats of the railing.

Best Friends 🙂

Rocky looking gorgeous as usual.

Skippy Earle enjoying his day.