My name is Leigh Ann, and I am a designer in Atlanta. I wanted to start this photo blog to help me get out of my creative rut. My original goal was to post a picture per day, but as time has gone on, I have decided to also write about all of the positive experiences I have when going out. Most will be restaurants, bars and breweries.  I am not a food critic and I will not use this blog to criticize anything or anyone. I want to focus on the positives as there is enough negative in the world.  If I have a bad experience,  I won’t blog about it.  If it’s a great experience… well I probably won’t shut up about it. I love the idea of getting the word out about all the places out there that are trying to do it right and if word of mouth can help them succeed, well I have a big mouth.

I also hope that my writing improves as well… that would be a BONUS. Enjoy!

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