Sunday Brunch at Cibo e Beve

Surprisingly enough, after our awesome meal at Cardamom Hill we were hungry Sunday morning and had brunch at Cibo e Beve. This was their second week at doing brunch, and had they not told me I would have never known that. We’ve been to Cibo e Beve before for dinner and ate at the bar where we were lucky enough to have Justin as our mixologist. The man is a genius when it comes to the perfect cocktail. I was in the mood for more of a breakfast style brunch so I didn’t enjoy a cocktail, was a bit to early for me and I didn’t want to end up sleeping on the couch all day.

Cibo e Beve

Cibo e Beve – Menu

As a starter we ordered the It’s The JAM! homemade breakfast bread, homemade jams. This was presented on a large board and had 4 slices of banana bread and biscuits. Also included were butter and two types of homed jam, one being peach and the other fig. Chad’s favorite was peach and mine was the fig. I had never had fig jam before and I loved it.

Cibo e Beve

Cibo e Beve – It’s the JAM!

For my main I had the Eggs Any Styletwo farm eggs any style, Nueske’s bacon, pan fried Tuscan potatoes, southern brioche toast. The eggs were perfectly scrambled, the bacon was delicious the potatoes were quite flavorful and were pan fried with some sweet onion and I was quite stuffed when we left.

Cibo e Beve

Cibo e Beve – Eggs any Style

Chad ordered the Smoked Brisket Tuscan Burger  – fresh ground brisket and brasstown beef served on a toasted brioche bun with mozzarella, Nueske’s bacon, lettuce and tomato, pan fried Tuscan potatoes. Chad was assuming that he wouldn’t finish the whole burger, but he did and he seemed to really like it as well. I never did ask for a bite, and I wish I had it sure looked good!

Cibo e Beve

Cibo e Beve – Smoked Brisket Tuscan Burger

I have to say that I thought that the coffee was excellent. Usually coffee is too weak for me as I drink it black, but theirs was plenty bold for me. So keep in mind that if you like weaker coffee then don’t try and drink this black. I thought it was perfect.

Cibo e Beve

Cibo e Beve – Great coffee

All in all I really enjoyed brunch at Cibo e Beve, and I think they did a great job considering it was only their second week doing brunch. Cheers!

On a very happy note, my nails are still going strong, no CHIPS! Day #9.

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