Home style Radler

This afternoon I decided to make my own version of a Radler, a mixture of beer and lemon soda. Typically you make a Radler with a good German lager, however we don’t have any lagers at home. We have 200+ beers at home and not 1 lager, go figure. I originally tried making it with a Hoegaarden a Belgian witte beer, but it was too wheaty, and didn’t taste right.

I grabbed a Duvel a Belgian Ale which I find way to skunky to drink by itself and It was surprisingly good. I do think you need a high quality lemon soda though, the one we have is by Lorina from France. Basically it is equal parts beer and lemonade, quite delicious. I can’t wait to send Chad back to the beer store for a nice German Lager.



Oh and for the Gel Nail update:
Day 3 and they are still going strong, no chips!

This picture better showcases the bright orange.

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