Sunday Brunch at Muss & Turner’s!

So by now y’all probably know that we are brunch people. You just can’t go wrong with the mixture of breakfast and lunch sprinkled with a few good cocktails. Muss & Turner’s did not let us down. Muss & Turner’s and Local Three are sister restaurants, and as you can read from here, here and oh yeah here. I love Local Three. So after this delicious brunch, I am convinced that these folks have the Midas touch when it comes to my taste buds.

Muss & Turner's Smyrna, GA

Muss & Turner’s Smyrna, GA

We arrived about 1:15 and it wasn’t very crowded, but we had made a reservation on the way just to be safe, as we saw that the big church at the intersection of Mount Paran Drive and Northside Drive letting out.

We arrived and the hostess was most friendly, and sat us right away. The smell of the place made me hungrier than I already was, it smelled like smoked bacon. YUM and I knew the food was going to be amazing. It was very difficult to choose what I wanted to eat off the brunch menu. I didn’t order a cocktail because I needed caffeine more than alcohol, so sweet iced tea for me.

Muss & Turner's Upcoming events

Muss & Turner’s Upcoming events

We had the following Entrees after careful consideration and internal debating.
Chicken n’ Waffles
Buck Nasty’s Morning After BBQ brisket

My choice was of course the Chicken n’ Waffles bacon waffle, cornflake crusted chicken breast, bourbon maple syrup, pecan butter. This dish is heaven. The chicken was tender and juicy cooked perfectly, the waffles were nice and light and the bourbon maple syrup was incredible. You could taste the bourbon, which was really nice against the sweet maple in the syrup and of course there aren’t words to describe the pecan butter mixed with all of these flavors. I can’t wait to go back and get this again. It is so good.

Muss & Turner's

Muss & Turner’s – Chicken n’ Waffles

Muss & Turner's - Chicken n' Waffles

Muss & Turner’s – Chicken n’ Waffles

Chad ordered Buck Nasty’s Morning After BBQ brisketNueske’s bacon, fried egg, tabacco onions, dijon, pickles, challah toast. With a name like that it kind of has to be amazing and y’all I took a couple of bites of this dish and I have to tell you, that was some of the best brisket I’ve had. The mixture of all of these flavors was just insane… insane in a good way of course.

Muss & Turner's Buck Nasty's Morning After BBQ brisket

Muss & Turner’s Buck Nasty’s Morning After BBQ brisket

After we had stuffed ourselves… again. We were going to get some whoopee pies to go, and the Chad noticed people going into the “secret door” and behind the secret door is a cool little speakeasy called “Eleanor’s”. We decided to wander inside and grab a beer or something just to see what it was like.

Muss & Turner's Eleanor's Speakeasy

Muss & Turner’s – Eleanor’s Speakeasy

Muss & Turner's - Eleanor's Speakeasy

Muss & Turner’s – Eleanor’s Speakeasy

What a beautiful interior. Nice wood on the walls and a very cozy feel to it. Plus they have quite an extensive beer and wine list, plus I saw some nice bourbons, ryes and whiskeys as well. We took a gander at the beer list and we both wanted something light. So we found a Mikkellar “Drinkin in the Sun” which was like 2.5% and a Stalzburger Stiegl Radler which I had never heard of, but a radler in this case was a lager mixed with lemon soda which came out to be a whopping 2.5% as well. PERFECT. I have to say that I am officially in LOVE with Radlers. Delicious – and I’ll be making my own version at home, starting this weekend. Yeah I love thinking about weekend cocktails on MONDAY. Ugh!

Muss & Turner's Eleanor's -  Mikkellar "Drinkin' in the Sun"

Muss & Turner’s Eleanor’s – Mikkellar “Drinkin’ in the Sun”

Muss & Turner's Eleanor's -  Stalzburger Stiegl Radler

Muss & Turner’s Eleanor’s – Stalzburger Stiegl Radler

So all in all, my visit to Muss & Turner’s was wonderful. I don’t write about experiences that are not. This talented group of people knocked my socks off with great food, service and drinks. Thanks… we will return!

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