Sunday Brunch at H. Harper Station!

I swear, nearly every food experience I have in Atlanta is amazing. I just love the food in this city well I love food in general, but this city just seems to do it right.

I have been wanting to write this post and was shooting to get it out by last Wednesday but I ended up working until 11pm, only to venture to my car in the parking garage late at night and find a couple of love birds doing the deed in their tiny car across the lane from mine. I was surprised to say the least, but it was pretty funny. So now that my work is done for the week, I can post about this great experience.

H. Harper Station

Outside of H. Harper Station

We arrived at around 12:15pm and the place was pretty empty which was kind of surprising although by the time we left it was getting packed. Chad and I were starving since we hadn’t eaten since lunch the day before, lunch at the brand new Watershed on Peachtree. Everything on H. Harper Station’s menu looked amazing and I realized quickly that I was going to order too much and be a miserable soul for the rest of the day… which is exactly what happened. Here is a little blurb about the place that I got off of their website ( I did not write this ) Located at the historic Atlanta & West Point rail station, H. Harper Station has design flourishes from its historic past with modern interpretations of classic cocktails and southern diner staples. H. Harper Station bears the name of Jerry’s maternal grandfather, Harold Harper, a railroad engineer for more than 40 years.

H. Harper Station

Outside H. Harper Station

H. Harper Station

Menu at H. Harper Station

Chad and I enjoyed the following items:
Beverages: ( after 12:30 of course )
Paulaner Weisbier
Brown Derby
Smoked Pimento Cheese
Steak & Eggs
“The Train Wreck”
Garlic-Herb Tater Tots

So Chad ordered a Paulaner Hefe Weisbier, which is a beer we both love we’ve been to Munich and had it over there and I do have to say it’s better over there.

Paulaner Hefe Weisbier H. Harper Station

Paulaner Hefe Weisbier H. Harper Station

I had a delicious concoction called a Brown Derby, which is made with Bourbon, grapefruit juice and honey served up. It was really good, but I do think, lunch/brunch is too early for me to start drinking Bourbon. I was a bit much for my starving stomach but I would certainly order it again in the evening.
Brown Derby H. Harper Station

Brown Derby at H. Harper Station

For our appetizer we got the Smoked Pimento Cheese with cauliflower pickle, crispy bread. We both loved the smoky flavor of the pimento cheese and that cauliflower pickle on top was a great accompaniment. Definitely will get this again. So delicious, so so so delicious.

Smoked Pimento & Cheese

Smoked Pimento & Cheese H. Harper Station

I got the Steak and Eggs – Seared hanger steak, eggs, home fries and toast. The steak was mid rare, just the way I like it. The eggs were perfectly scrambled and the home fries were excellent kind of a cross between a baked potato and home fries deliciously seasoned and wheat toast.

Steak and Eggs at H. Harper Station

Steak and Eggs at H. Harper Station

Chad got the “The Train Wreck”two house made pork sausage patties, crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, smoked pimento cheese, & whole grain mustard, on a buttermilk
biscuit, served with home fries and added sausage gravy
. Chad substituted the home fries for the Garlic- Herb Tater tots. This was a train wreck only because he couldn’t stop eating it, and I couldn’t stop looking at the pile of food on his plate. The biscuit was piled so high that he would have never have been able to open his mouth that wide so he ended up cutting it all up and pouring the sausage gravy on top and eating it like a giant breakfasty casserole. I took a couple of bites and man was it good. Devilishly good!

The Train Wreck at H. Harper Station

The Train Wreck at H. Harper Station

The Train Wreck at H. Harper Station

The Train Wreck at H. Harper Station

As you can probably imagine, we were way to full for dessert. So, we grabbed our bellies and left and went over to the Wrecking Bar for a few beers, yeah not sure how we stuffed beer in our gullets, but we did!

You have to go and try H. Harper Station’s brunch. I can’t wait to try it for dinner as well.

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