Teela Taqueria!

Sunday we went to one of my favorite “close by” places for lunch. Teela Taqueria!
20120617-212318.jpg It was nice enough to sit outside in the shade with a couple of iced teas. For our starter we ordered the Trio which is queso, salsa and guacamole served with a mountain of seasoned fresh tortilla chips.


For my main I ordered two BLT Tacos and one Buffalo Chicken Taco. The BLT is the best taco ever, in my opinion. It has fried green tomatoes, bacon, arugula, feta cheese and an amazing aioli sauce drizzled throughout. Delicious! The buffalo chicken taco, has chicken, Bleu cheese, celery, lettuce and buffalo wing sauce, which is quite spicy and so good! These are my go-to tacos.

The special taco of the day was a Thai Taco, with yellow curry, carrots and other Thai veggies and chicken or fish, chad opted for the chicken, and he also got his favorite Bang Bang Shrimp taco. We ate everything and were way to stuffed for dessert. In fact, neither of us even ate dinner. The service was good and It was nice to sit outside and still have attentive service. If you are looking for a creative place for some fun and tasty tacos, Teela Taqueria can’t be beat.



That’s it for my weekend, hope everyone had a great time too!