Southern Art and Bourbon Bar

This week has been beyond crazy with work. I haven’t gotten home at a decent hour all week, which greatly interferes with my blogging! Ha, I know in these times I am lucky to have a job. So I will stop griping and get down to serious food business!

Last Saturday night we went to the Southern Art and Bourbon Bar which is inside the Intercontinental Buckhead. This one of the best meals that I have had dining out in Atlanta. The space is absolutely gorgeous, and they have a great outdoor area, which is where we sat.




One things that makes Southern Art and Bourbon Bar unique is their offering of a Ham Bar…. Yes a ham bar. We chose 3 selections from the menu, the Benton’s Madisonville which has a hickory smoked salty flavor and was aged 14 months, La Quercia which means “The Oak” in Italian. The pork was fed acorns for flavor and has a salty sweet soft texture with a fruity finish, and the Broadbent Country Ham which has a hickory smoked salty smokey flavor and was aged up to 12 months. The ham selections came out on a board with 3 different mustards and bread. Delicious!



I ordered a Rye Old Fashioned from the Bourbon Bar. It was spot on, pretty much the perfect drink. I was amazed at how delicious it was. I would go back just for just a drink and a visit to the ham bar.



For my main I chose the fried chicken as I have probably mentioned before I am on the hunt for the perfect fried chicken. This was delicious. The chicken was moist and so incredibly flavorful, which is something often missing from fried chicken… The flavor. The red pepper gravy really made it. This was damn near perfect! Oh and there was a whole lot of it another reason to smile. The whipped potatoes were tasty and the garlic green beans were good too, all around this was just delicious food. My hat’s off to y’all.


Chad ordered the herb grilled swordfish with purple cauliflower, green beans, fennel and blood orange salad with a honey vinaigrette. I took a bite and was almost sorry that I didn’t order it for myself, it was delicious. The purple cauliflower was yum! Not sure how they make it purple, but yum.

For dessert we had the caramel chocolate pretzel pie. This was over the top delicious. I could eat this 3 meals a day 7 days per week and not get sick of it. Granted, my teeth might fall out, but it would almost be worth it. It was that good y’all.

I will certainly go back, the food and drinks are really that good. The other great thing is that they validate parking so you won’t have to pay $8 just to park. The space was beautiful and really enjoyable. Good job!