Cancun Day 3

Today was a busy day, I did my first of 3 spa treatments. I got a hot stone massage. I have never had one before and didn’t really know what to expect because all of the pictures I see in the brochures just have some lady with a bunch of rocks on her back. Did I mention that I have quite a sunburn on my right side? Yeah. 37 years in the state of Florida and I never used sunscreen ( I never said I was smart) I slathered 30 SPF all over my face and body twice yesterday and um yeah still burned. So I was concerned about a HOT stone massage with 1/2 of my body resembling bacon. Thankfully my massage therapist understood, and put something on my burn spots that made me feel much better and the massage didn’t hurt. When I returned to the room Chad was ready to venture out and about on the property. We ate dinner at the LeBlanc’s Asian restaurant and wow, it was great 🙂 I tried a whole bunch of new stuff, and was glad I did.
On a really happy note I got pictures from our AWESOME cat sitter I was thrilled to see that Maggie Sunshine was out and about and not hiding from her brothers. She is such a gorgeous cat. Looking good at 15 if I say so myself.


In other news, it was rainy in Cancun. But still beautiful.








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