5/4/2012 The ATL

On Wednesday night I went to the Atlanta Blogger’s Meetup group. It was a great session.  The presenter was Phil Hill, who spoke to us about curating content,something I didn’t even know about.  I’m very glad that I went.  I felt bad, because I had a horrible headache and kept yawning, but it wasn’t from boredom, it was from feeling bad, and being over tired.  I also met the nicest girl and spoke with her and I hope to see her at the next Atlanta Blogger Meetup.  I guess that is one of the reasons I love Atlanta so much.  I seem to meet the nicest people!  This weekend is going to be kind of crazy-busy and next week I get to go to the Atlanta Digital Summit, and I’m very excited about it as well.  Then next Sunday I fly to Cancun for a little vacation!  Things are certainly moving fast in my world right now.  I love the excitement it generates. Here are some pictures that I took on Wednesday night, in Midtown. I just love this city!!!

Midtown AtlantaMidtown Atlanta Peachtree StreetMidtown Atlanta Hudson Grill on Peachtree Street

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