Swallow at the Hollow – Roswell, GA

I have heard great things about  Swallow at the Hollow for a long time, and Chad thought it was high time that we tried it.  I swear I love my husband, he loves to eat as much as I do, only it doesn’t show on him like it does on me. I knew it was a BBQ place and I had seen a segment about them on some PBS Special on BBQ in Atlanta. If it made it to TV it must be good, right?

It wasn’t crowded at all when we arrived, but it sure was HOT so I decided that we would sit in the A.C. We were greeted quickly, by our server Jay, he was fantastic, and it was after our meal when he told us that it was his first official day on the floor by himself. I would have never in a million years guessed it. He was excited about the food, and you can tell that he really enjoyed working there and found his 4-week training beneficial. He was great, so kudos to Swallow at the Hollow for requiring such training, it really pays off.

Jay told us that we had to have the ribs, and he recommended the chopped pork as well, so that’s what we decided to do. Chad got a full rack of ribs and I ordered the chopped pork. He explained the sauces on the table, a spicy sauce, a regular barbeque sauce and a mustard based sauce. Each of our meals came with two sides so we ordered our sides, and gave us a sample of their homemade pickles. YUM.

Swallow at the Hollow's homemade pickles

Swallow at the Hollow’s homemade pickles

Look at this rack of ribs. Chad ordered potato salad and cole slaw and Texas toast as his sides. I am not a slaw OR potato salad person, but I liked the potato salad, it had a LOT of flavor. The ribs were fall off the bone tender, and the BBQ sauce was good as well. Some of the best ribs I’ve had in a long time.

Swallow at the Hollow's full rack of baby back ribs, with potato salad and slaw

Swallow at the Hollow’s full rack of baby back ribs, with potato salad and slaw

Check out the amount of food on this chopped pork plate, I had macaroni and cheese and fried green tomatoes and Texas toast for my sides. The macaroni and cheese came out piping hot and very flavorful. Often times when I order mac and cheese it really doesn’t have much flavor, this really did and I was very happy with it. The fried green tomatoes were good too. The Chopped pork was nice and tender and I ended up mixing all of the sauces together which gave it a good flavor as well.

Swallow at the Hollow's Chopped pork with fried green tomatoes and macaroni and cheese

Swallow at the Hollow’s Chopped pork with fried green tomatoes and macaroni and cheese

Of course we were STUFFED, and were going to bypass dessert all together then we heard the words, banana pudding and we decided that we could make some extra room and ordered it. This wasn’t your typical banana pudding instead of ‘nilla wafers it had fresh baked chocolate chip cookies that was a nice surprise. The whipped cream on top wasn’t very sweet but it mixed with the sweet banana pudding and the chocolate chip cookies just perfectly. It was absolutely delicious.

Swallow at the Hollow's Banana Pudding

Swallow at the Hollow’s Banana Pudding

I can’t wait to go back and try their chopped beef and some of their other sides.