4/21/2012 Burnt Hickory Brewery! Yum!!

I gave Chad full reign of what he wanted to do today, we had errands but after that I gave him the choice between inside the moat, dogwood festival or outside the moat for beer. He chose beer! So we did our errands and went out to Kennesaw (my first time) and we went to Burnt Hickory Brewery. I was skeptical, since it was opening day and it was in Kennesaw. I was wrong. Their beer is awesome!

Chad and I tried the Big Shanty Graham Cracker Stout this beer is awesome!

Their operation is small, but they really are doing some great stuff! I encourage all craft brew fans to visit and try what they have. I tried the Ezekiel’s Wheel, the pale ale, the Cannon Head Ale and the Big Shanty Graham Cracker Stout.

Here are some photos from the brewery.






Special shout out to the bartenders!


Please stop by and sample some of the magic they are pouring!

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