The Roswell Culinary Tour!

WOW! Is really all I can say to begin writing about the Roswell Culinary Tour, courtesy of the  Atlanta Culinary Tours. First of all it was a GORGEOUS day outside, I think that it only got to around 75 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.  We were asked to meet at the gazebo by City Hall and the directions were great, as we actually found it right off the bat!

We visited 5 places, and I have to say that our group was so warmly welcomed by each of the businesses that I think this was my favorite tour out of all three that I have been on.
1.) Rice Thai Cuisine
2.) Table & Main
3.) Artisan Foods Bakery & Cafè
4.) Oli+Ve
5.) The Fickle Pickle

Our first stop on the tour was Rice Thai Cuisine where we met Kris the owner.  What a great guy he is.  He is a very accomplished artist as is his wife, and a GREAT CHEF!  Kris has such a positive energy and great spirit, I am going to have to return, just for the good vibes.

I think that all of us were just so inspired by his zeal for life that we didn’t want to leave and well… that and the food. He served the following items:
Singha beer.

Chicken Larb: Fresh mint, red onion, fresh lime, ground roasted rice, Vegetable Roll: Romaine, cucumber, rice noodles, Thai basil, tofu wrapped in rice paper with Hoisin sauce and peanuts.

Lemongrass Shrimp Salad: tiger shrimp, fresh ginger, garlic and lime

Last but certainly NOT least was the Sweet sticky rice, with fresh mango and coconut cream. I have seen this item on a few menus as a seasonal dessert but had never tried it, and WOW! WOW! WOW! I love it!

I really do want to make a special shout out to Kris. He started this tour with such hospitality and warmth and it really made the day so much more special for all of us.  Please stop by and visit him and take a look at his and his wife’s artwork which is showcased on the walls.  They also have jewelry, and I got a cute little cupcake necklace for $8.  THANK YOU KRIS!

Next up was Table & Main:
After rice, anything else sure had big shoes to fill and Table & Main did a great job as well.  Co-Owner Ryan Pernice was a fantastic host.  Table & Main opened up last fall offers Simple. Seasonal. Southern cuisine.  This is a great old building and they did wonderful job renovating it into a beautiful space to dine.  They offer up a nice simple southern menu and are all about hyper local foods and services.  They also have a nice list of bourbons if anyone else out there is like me, and likes a nice bourbon from time to time.
They served us some GIANT & Delicious handmade meatballs with homemade catsup

They also got together with Atlanta based Ice cream company High Road to develop their own flavor, which was Bourbon butter pecan, HEAVEN.  Chad and I have visited High Road quite a few times and we love it.  They have a tasting room where you can sample a bunch of their incredible flavors.

As you can see, they have a gorgeous outside space. I can’t wait to go back.

Next up was Artisan Foods Bakery & Cafè which is located in the Raiford Art Gallery. This is where other local restaurants get their fresh baked breads from.  Hoyt Williams is the owner and Chef/Baker. He is a cool guy I really enjoyed spending time listening to him talk about his craft.

What he has there in his hands are a big old plate of Beignets! He surely knows his stuff. These were so light and airy and he put strawberries and blueberries with them, just perfect. These really took me back to all of the times in New Orleans visiting Cafe du Monde. mmmm

The Beignets were accompanied by chicory coffee with a sugar rim and yuzu basil lemonade.

Next up was Oli & Vi who, again gave us the warmest of greetings.  This town sure knows a thing or two in making a group feel welcome.

This is a tasting room for gourmet olive oils and balsamic vinegars. We were shown the correct way to taste olive oil, which was new to me.  They let us sample whatever we wanted and provided bread as well. They also served us some Vanilla Gelato with a blueberry balsamic vinegar – please go and try this, it’s incredible. My favorite of the olive oils was the Ultra Robust Picual E.V.O.O. it was their most Robust in intensity and I love olive oil, so this one was right up my alley.

My favorite Olive Oil blend was the All Natural Harissa Hot Infused Olive Oil  infused with chili peppers! It had quite a kick to it, I need to go back and grab a bottle of it to cook with.

I love olives and they had some delicious ones set out for us.

Oli + Ve is a great place to go to get a hostess gift. Most of us bring a bottle of wine, but they carry some very unique (and delicious) gifts.

Our Last stop was The Fickle Pickle which is a gourmet deli where everything is homemade ~ even those delicious pickles! Andy the owner spent a lot of time with us, telling us about the Fickle Pickle and how it came to be.  Andy is a very creative soul and creates some very unique dishes and what he shared with us, was wonderful.

He served us some fried pickles with a delicious Cajun remoulade sauce.

Next up was a Caribbean Clam Chowder, again I don’t eat clam chowder or anything with clams in it.  This was AMAZING! I could have eaten a giant bowl of it, and I will go back to get more.

Next up was an incredible Fried Green Tomato sandwich.

For dessert, well… we hadn’t had enough to eat by then (ha)  Chocolate Ginger and Carrot Cake cookies.

Like I said earlier, this has been my favorite out of all of my culinary tours. We were welcomed so warmly by each establishment that I am really looking forward to returning.  Many thanks go out to each of the places we visited for the hospitality and the great food.  Also Thanks to Erin Parks, our trusty and fabulous tour guide who put this all together, and of course we can’t forget to thank the funny and cool Beth Robinette for coming up with the Culinary Tours in the first place.  Can’t wait til the next one!

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  1. Loved having you on the tour–who knew that Roswell was such a foodie adventure? Good think Erin talked me into looking over the neighborhood–the hard part was talking her into leading it! Aren’t you glad she agreed?

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