4/12/2012 Leon’s Full Service & Smiles

Saturday after the Oakland Cemetery  Tour, we were STARVING, we also wanted beer, beer from the Brick Store Pub.  We decided to try Leon’s Full Service for lunch, since I had heard such good things about their food. I was especially excited about their fries and the choices of dipping sauces.  I love fries and dipping sauces make for even more merriment for my meal!  The choices of dipping sauces are: garlic aioli, goat cheese fondue, peppercorn gravy, masaman curry, madras curry catsup, leons bbq, traditional mayonnaise, smoked tomato mayonnaise, black pepper mayonnaise, fresh horseradish mayonnaise, bacon herb mayonnaise, cucumber-dill yogurt, leon’s catsup, mango-peppadew catsup. ( please note that I copied these off of the Leon’s Full Service website ) I chose the Garlic Aioli and the Goat Cheese Fondue. I ordered the slow roasted beef brisket, black peppercorn gravy, fried onions, served open faced sandwich for my lunch, with the fries on the side.

OOOOhhhh Y’all this was delicious! I have a thing about soggy bread so I don’t usually order sandwiches with gravy on them, but here at Leon’s they toasted the bread, so there was no sogginess, and it added a nice crunch as a companion to this delicious brisket and peppercorn gravy.  It’s a must have!!!  The garlic aioli sauce was my favorite of the two dipping sauces.

Chad had the Lamb Burger special that they were running that day, and he loved it as well.

To wash down all of this glorious food, I ordered a Crispin cho-tokkyu cider which is made with saki yeasts.  If you’ve ever had any of the Crispin Ciders you know they have some interesting recipes and very interesting flavors.  I’m not a huge saki fan, but this was good.  I’d buy a bottle.

Leon’s has a really cool looking patio, which was full when we arrived but we got a seat next to the patio and the windows were open, so it was lovely. The service here is GREAT the servers were friendly and accommodating and seem to really enjoy working there.

I will certainly return to Leon’s Full Service. It’s a great place!

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