4/01/2012 DBA Barbecue, FTW

I have been dying to try DBA Barbecue, for ages, because of their spicy smoked fried chicken. Today was the day, lucky me! Yesterday I was too sick to eat, so it was extra awesome for me today.

We started out with an appetizer of fried dill pickles and fried bacon… Yes FRIED BACON, with ranch for our dipping pleasure. Yes, fried BACON. it was so good! I instantly felt a billion times better because of it.

For my main I had the Smoked Spicy Fried chicken with Mac and cheese and fries. Everything was amazing, the chicken today was only drumsticks, but that was okay by me and I will make sure to return for more either way. The Mac and cheese was flavorful and served piping hot, which is great… Usually places serve rather luke warm.. Blah!

Chad ordered brisket, pulled pork, creamed corn and green beans, he loved all of it, and really loved the brisket. Good goin DBA, Chad is from Texas, and is picky about his brisket!
I dug the creamed corn!

We were so stuffed that we had decided to just get a to-go box and go on about our day, until….. Our server ( who was great ) suggested the banana pudding, and well… We got one to split. It was excellent! I loved it and made room for over half of it, I think.

Thank you DBA Barbecue! We will be back, hopefully I can get the collards and the okra!

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