4/30/2012 – The Butch Walker Concert from 4/25

The reason I did the quick trip to Nashville last week was to see one of my favorite artists, Butch Walker.  It was a very small show at a local club called 12th & Porter. There were probably 200 (if that) in the room, and the venue had some of the best acoustics I’ve ever heard. What I mean is that I was VERY close to the stage, and wasn’t deaf when I left, but could hear everything perfect, and the sound was excellent. Maybe, I’m just biased because I think Butch Walker is one of the most talented folks out there, but it really was a great space for the show.

The opening act was a duo called “Striking Matches” They were FANTASTIC… I’m never usually interested in opening acts but holy cow these two were incredible… I recommend checking them out. So full of talent and nice too!

Butch Walker was awesome. He came out on stage along and played some of his slower songs and after a few he brought the bass player from “The Black Widows”out.  So there were 2 people on stage and it sounded like 4. Butch played the guitar & kick drum and the bassist played the bass of course and the tambourine.  If I tried playing 2 instruments at the time, I think I would probably fall over and disintegrate! Nothing better than sheer talent and being able to witness it is such a treat.  I love the fact it was just a simple show, no pyrotechnics, no lighting, no video monitor, no gimmicks… just amazing talent, plain and simple.  I loved EVERY minute of it.  Towards the end of the show they brought out Kevn Kinney from Drivin N Cryin to play a song.  Everyone on stage was thoroughly enjoying themselves, they love what they do and it really shows.  PLUS they ended with one of my favorite songs, from his latest album, “The Spade” they played “Suckerpunch.” I am glad that I went on this little adventure alone. What a great experience.  I will most certainly do it again.

Here are some pictures.

I encourage you to take a listen to “The Spade” it’s one of the few albums I own that I love each and every song.