Inman Park Culinary Tour

Once again the Atlanta Culinary tour, hit the ball out if the park with the Inman Park culinary tour. Beth and company did a great job with historical facts about the neighborhood, Beth’s great sense of humor and of course the delicious food.

We went to:
1. At The Collective
2. Pure Taqueria
3. Barcelona Wine Bar
4. Parish
5. Zhaddy’s

At The Collective:
This place has a ton of really cool art from local artist. There were kitty cat pillows, and the coolest cross body bag that looked like a guitar, I am still tempted to go back and get it.


Greg Ansley served up pulled pork, home made pickles, pickled okra, and cream cheese with pepper jelly and some jasmine tea provided by Just Add Honey.. It was all sooo good. They also had some desserts, by Bear Maker Bakery, but I didn’t get a picture of them, nor did I hear what the guy said, but they were awesome!





Pure Tacqueria:
I have been to Pure’s Alpharetta on Old Milton road twice before, and I really love the food and this location in Inman Park sure didn’t disappoint.


I absolutely love chips and salsa. I could not keep my hands out of the chip basket. I ate so many of them, and the salsa is so addictive.


Next they served the guacamole and gluten free baked chips that kind of tasted like corn nuts, YUM!


We were offered margaritas, and Beth let us know that we had about 30 more minutes to enjoy our chips, salsa, guacamole and queso dip, I forgot to mention the queso dip. We ordered a few pitchers of margaritas to share and we all loosened up a bit and the fun began. They used the good tequila too. Please note that the margaritas are extra and didn’t come with this culinary tour.




Barcelona Wine Bar:
This place is heaven, on Facebook I actually checked into Barcelona Spain, but I felt like we were in Spain. They served us quite a feast, and we got to sit outside on their patio so we could enjoy this beautiful weather. I was impressed that they gave us such a wonderful spot on a relatively busy patio day.


Beautiful area, and look at this spread.


Here is a very light Spanish wine, it is made from the txakoli grape which is grown only in Spain and the wine has a light carbonation to it, it was a perfect match to the food we were served.


I love how she poured the wine, if I would have tried this I would have had wine everywhere except for the glass, she has some serious skill.


They served us, grapes, sopressetta, Manchego cheeses, and some prosciutto. Everything was superb, and this dry light wine was such a perfect pairing with the saltiness of the meats and cheeses.


Olives, olives and more olives, Chad and I love olives, so many types… Sooo good.


Omg, this was the kicker, chorizo, homemade chorizo with FIGS. What a fantastic pairing, genius even. I dunked some bread into the fig and chorizo juice and was in heaven.


Thank you so very much Barcelona wine bar, we will most certainly return. Oh and on Sundays they have wine specials, I think I heard that it is half off bottles. Either way this is a wonderful and charming place with great service, and amazing food.


We have eaten at Parish before and we really enjoyed it. I need to mention that by this point I was totally stuffed, from the chips and salsa and the amazing treats from Barcelona Wine Bar, but I managed to devour my food from here as well.


Here is the daily menu specials, I really want to come back and have the TV Dinner, how cool does that look?


We were served braised rabbit empanadas, with a cranberry confit. As I said before, I was stuffed, but this was so good that I ate the whole thing. We were also served a Terrapin beer, I am pretty sure it was a golden.


The building is very old and they have done their best to preserve the original integrity of the space. Such a awesome space.



This is where the Beltline is going to be, so when it’s finished you can just walk right up to Parish and enjoy some lunch or dinner anytime.


This is a wonderful “southern comfort food” place which hasn’t been open for long but I can foresee them being a great success. I was really too full to actually enjoy my food, which makes me sad.


They served us pulled pork on a pretzel roll, that’s right a pretzel roll. It was delicious except I was so full, that I could not eat the whole sandwich. I hear that the mac and cheese is pretty darn good as well.


Thank you, Beth and company for organizing this tour. I can’t wait for the Roswell Culinary Tour in April.

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