3/8/2012 Pictures of the Day

Meetup! Not Meatup!

Tonight I decided to break out of my shell a bit and attend my very first Atlanta Web Design meetup group. It was at the Fig Jam Kitchen and Bar, which is kind of Midtown-ey Atlanta. The place was very cool and for a large gathering of people, the service was fantastic!

I ended up speaking with 2 very cool people, who I hope to speak to again very soon. I took Peachtree the whole way there, lots of red lights but a lot of cool stuff to look at as well.

This is a church near Peachtree and West Westley…. I just loved the way it looked and the red light was very long.


At the meetup I decided to play it safe and stay away from beer and wine which it typically drink too much of and limit myself to 2 drinks. I decided to embrace the Sazerac which is the drink of New Orleans. It consists of:
Prey chads bitters
Simple syrup
And my favorite, Absenthe

Good stuff… Strong but good stuff.


4 responses

  1. Sazeracs are one of my favorites. Next time you are in Asheville, NC, go to the bar named after this wonderful drink. The mixologists are amazing.

  2. And wow – I just realized that picture of the church is Wieuca Rd Baptist church – I grew up in that church and that’s where Rob and I got married.

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