3/31/2012 Brave Skippy Earle

So, we decided to take all 3 cats to the vet. Maggie was priority as she is almost 15, and we need to keep an eye on her. Rocky and Maggie cried the whole way, Rocky is a free spirit and doesn’t like to be confined. He was a very good boy and I am very proud of him.

This is technically Skippy Earle second visit to the vet, but the first time was in 2010 and he was getting ummm fixed. This kid is a dream in the car. He just sat in his crate, and didn’t make a peep. I am so proud of him, he is usually a large chicken… I brought his teddy bear, and it seemed to calm him down.

The vet tech and vet were rather surprised with the size this boy is, he really does weigh 22 lbs which had always been my estimate. I feed my cats organic or all natural high quality kibble as well as wet food, but this guy is just giant.

So to celebrate my brave kid, I thought I would feature him in my pictures of the day.




This is after I told him that we have to put him on a diet. Poor sweet boy.