A Valentines dinner at home, from Alons? Yes Please!

As much as I love going out for dinner, Valentines Day seems to be one of the worst days for this. I told Chad that I would much rather stay home, and he agreed. He then surprised me with a dinner from Alon’s Bakery. It was 6 courses and was absolutely wonderful, and a surprise.

We got to use the good silver, so this was a fancy dinner indeed.


First Course:
Lobster bisque with a dollop of creme fraiche. It was absolutely divine. I am not a huge fan of lobster… Wow I just heard the sound of multiple browsers shutting down. Remember I never claimed to be a food critic, I just really love to eat. This lobster bisque was wonderful it had huge chunks of lobster in it, and a touch of sherry. If you can get this, I highly recommend it.


Second Course:
Jicama, Golden Tomato & Avacado with basil lime dressing in a radicchio cup. This was very interesting, I loved the Avacado and the dressing. Jicama is pretty good, but the texture threw me off at first. This was quite good and really pretty.


Third Course:
Roasted Beef Tenderloin, whipped potatoes, baby zucchini and carrots with a wine Demi glacé. I love beef tenderloin. This was the main course and I was impressed the beef was tender and the mashed potatoes wonderfully buttery. Chad bought some special plates to make the presentation even prettier.


Fourth Course:
Arugula Panzanella Salad with vincotto, strawberry and shaved fennel. I love the flavor that fennel brings to everything. I am a huge fan of anise, this was a delicious salad. The flavor of the strawberries with the fennel was perfect.


Fifth Course:
The fabulous cheese plate. This included a Tour de Marze Brie, midnight moon Gouda, and Cana de Oveja included with roasted almonds and a pear jelly and a peppered cracker. All the cheese was good but my favorite was the Gouda. Oh and these were more of the new plates.


Sixth Course:
Flourless chocolate cake with strawberry cream, fresh strawberry and chocolate shards. This wasn’t like a normal Flourless chocolate cake like the volcano cakes. It was more like a hard pudding and mousse. The strawberry cream with the dark chocolate was wonderful.


Sixth and a half course:
House made Bon Bons! I ended up with my favorite, salted dark chocolate and caramel.


New Belgium’s Lips of Faith – Cocoa Mole. YUM!


The Menu:


So for $99.00 you get dinner for two. Six courses. This is an incredible value, and absolutely delicious. I highly recommend it to anyone who doesn’t like the madness of Valentines day out.


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