Old Norcross Culinary Tour

Chad bought a “Scoutmob” deal from “Atlanta Culinary Tours” for exploring Old Norcross. We hadn’t been to the old square before, we had only been to the Forum in Norcross. We love exploring new areas and we thought this was a good way to spend a Saturday. We were right, it was a lovely day. The tour was lead by Beth, who was charming, enthusiastic and made everyone feel quite comfortable. So, thank you, Beth!




There were 8 stops on our tour, yeah 8! We were very glad that we took Beth’s advice and ate a very light breakfast if we hadn’t we would have had a problem.

The stops were:
1. The Bleu House Market
2. Taste of Britain
3. 45 South Cafe
4. Mojitos Cuban American Bistro
5. Paizanos
6. The Iron Horse Tavern
7. Station Cafe
8. Dominick’s

Bleu House Market:



We were greeted by Chef Bryan (Brian, didn’t catch the spelling) who spoke to us about his love of cooking and his commitment to buying local fresh seasonal items to prepare the very best for his customers. It sure shows!

He served chicken salad which was outstanding, and for those who know me, know that I don’t eat chicken salad, egg salad or any mayonnaise based salad. This was awesome, so the chef did the impossible. We also had focaccia with a sun dried tomato pesto, a brownie and a red velvet waffle with a maple bacon topping. All were just amazing. I am thrilled to know that they are open Saturday for brunch. We will be going back for sure.


Taste of Britain:


This is the cutest place, we were welcomed by Ms Edna whole hails from the UK herself. She specializes in all things from the homeland. She presented us with “High Tea” I decided to try the English Breakfast tea with cream, which I don’t usually do, a scone with cream (or butter) and jam. A real Cadbury chocolate, and a tiny little tea cake. It was all wonderful. I have to make mention of the fact that all were served on some beautiful bone china. I am so glad I didn’t break any of it.


45 South Cafe:


This was a very cool little place, we were greeted by Michael, and were served a California wrap with turkey, avocado with an aioli sauce, this wrap was delicious, but I have to say the potato salad was phenomenal, it had bacon in it. So good. The 45 South Cafe, also serves coffee, and wine, and draws quite an eclectic coffee house crowd. The art on the walls was all music based and very cool.





This is a Cuban American Bistro, and their specialty is…. You guessed it. Made to order Mojitos. These were wonderful. The restaurant is really pretty inside, and I would love to visit again and get a Cuban Sandwich.



This is a Italian style restaurant with a beautiful interior, and in a great building.



They have New York style pizza, and quite a large menu. We were served a spinach salad with a Gorgonzola dressing and big chunks of Gorgonzola cheese… Yum! Also a slice of some of the best Margarita pizza that I have ever had. The crust was light and crispy and the toppings were fresh and delicious.


The Iron Horse Tavern:


This tavern is part of the Dunwoody Restaurant Group, so I know that the beer selection is good as is the food. The chef, Clint treated us to house smoked salmon (he smoked it himself, for a few hours with hickory chips) with a lemon caper aioli sauce. Chad ordered a Sweetwater Happy Ending pint, and we had a dart tournament, which neither of us did well, but a member group pretty much got a bullseye, I was very impressed.


Station Cafe:


This building is the very heart of old Norcross as the reason this town exists is thanks to the train. And this building served as the train depot. It was built in 1909 and was used for both freight and passenger trains until the 1960’s afterwards the building was in disrepair until 1993, when the owner decided to rehab the place, and he has done a great job. It is beautiful inside. he was kind enough to serve us waffles, to showcase his brunch specials and a grilled chicken salad with sugared pecans.






Our final stop was to Dominick’s which is family style Italian, the dining room was quite busy with patrons enjoying themselves, we had a large table in the middle reserved for us, and were served by a wonderful lady named Leslie. We were served garlic bread, which had large chunks of garlic (LOVE) and homemade marinara sauce and a large portion of fried calamari. All were very good, and I am not much of a calamari fan, but this was good enough for a second helping.



This was indeed a wonderful way to spend a Saturday, it was extremely cold and windy, though no one can control that. We are doing another one in March in Inman Park, and I am very excited about it.

If anyone wants more information about old Norcross, you can go to their website. a place to imagine.

If you would like to have more information about the Atlanta Culinary Tours visit their website.
Atlanta Culinary Tours
Or email Beth

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