Local Three

We have been hearing rave reviews about Local Three for a year now, and Chad was awesome and got us a reservation for Friday Night. I was so excited, I mean when the menu lists something like the ” Notorious P.I.G.” I have to go. This place did not disappoint!


Again I want to express that I am not a food critic, I like what I like, but it ain’t gospel and I am not a great writer, I am a designer. The gift of the written word skipped this girl, alas I keep trying.

We arrived early for our reservation so we made our way through the crowd to the bar. The bartender was astute and saw us immediately, I figured it would be a few minutes, so this is a plus in my book. I ordered the Marmot, which is an enhanced ( my opinion ) on my favorite sipper cocktail, the old fashioned. The Marmot has cinnamon and maple and some other deliciousness. It was truly a well thought out and executed cocktail, I loved it. Chad had a beer, a Wild Heaven Eschaton, which is a very tasty beer indeed.


We had to, of course get the Notorious P.I.G. For a starter, as well as the cheese plate. Nothing like charcuterie to end a particularly crappy week. I only managed to get a photo of my blue cheese!



After the meat and cheese I ordered the tomato dill soup with the goat cheese crostini and Chad had the duck meatballs… On the menu it is called a Duck and a Swede walk into a bar. Both were good but the meatballs were absolutely spectacular.



For our main course I had a duck and sausage with white bean cassoulet and Chad had the duck breast with sweet potatoes and pears. Both again were great.



I guess I should mention that I ran into one of my favorite bartenders who I met right after I moved to the ATL. I waved to her and caught up with her and boy does she love where she works, it really nice to hear. She truly believes in the chefs and the food, the gleam in her eye and her excitement really made our experience better…. Then the surprise. She and our server, who was also great, gave us a sampling of desserts. The peanut butter and gelee, the brownie and ice cream topped with cocoa puffs with powdered sugar, and their amazing carrot cake with ice cream.




This was a wonderful experience, great service… Great food… Great cocktails. Thank you Local Three, we Will be back!

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