1/16/2012 A night with The Angry Chef.

A dinner with the Angry Chef!

Last night we went to Rosebud for this amazing dinner.
A couple of things first off.
1. I don’t fancy myself a food critic
2. I am not a writer
3. The Angry Chef isn’t angry, in fact he is a charming and very gracious host, who has an infectious passion for food, and buying local.
4. If I had been in the restaurant industry that long I would be more than angry!

The dinner was at 6pm, we got there I’m time, yay us! No menus were provided, so I took the approach of “shut up and eat” it served me well.

Our first round for lack of a better word was this delicious cocktail, named by the lovely Lindsay “the Dutch Oven” it was brandy, pineapple, bitters ( possibly something else) with jalapeño sugar! Warmed us right up

I ordered my drink and it was perfection, a “Basil Hayden, Old Fashioned”


This course was, what we thought was a chicken strip but turned out to be a poached egg which had been shocked in cold water breaded and flash fried. Now I have egg issues but this was just amazing.


The next course, I got so excited about the fact that it had an anchovy in it I forgot to take a photo.

This next course was a rice fritter with dates and a curried honey glaze.


This course was called “Ham and Cheese” shaved ham, pineapple and fried capers.


The soup was a sweet potato and shrimp soup, with a leftover corn muffin with crab. Now I do not like shrimp or crab, but this was good, and I shut up and ate.


The next was an amazing scallop with creamed spinach grits and a sun choke purée…this was absolutely wonderful.


This course was a bread pudding… A bread pudding with crawfish an lobster and covered in Old Bay anglaise. This was delicious, so rich. I could not finish it.


The next course was a local bitter endive salad, with crispy sun chokes and a light and refreshing lemon vinaigrette. It was perfect after the rich bread pudding.


The main entree was roasted pork loin covered in red cabbage atop a macaroni cake. Thank goodness got to boxes!


Dessert was a corn meal cake, local sweet grass Lil’ moo cheese, with bourbon maple butter.


Thank you Angry Chef for such a wonderful experience. I can’t wait to one back to Rosebud, and The Family Dog.

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